Week 54 – Fortnightly bloods

This week is the first week that I don’t have to get a blood test.  The doctors have said I only need to consider coming in if I feel unwell (which I did today).  Today was one of those ‘flat’ days where I woke with a headache that lasted until well after lunch (despite taking a few Panadols) and I lacked energy most of the day.  This may relate to low haemoglobin. I will see how the next few days are before deciding to take an ‘early’ blood test.  It would be a good test to wait the full two weeks!


Last week I had a nerve conduction test performed to try and quantify my peripheral neuropathy.  This involved putting some electrical transmitters on my legs to measure electrical current passing through the nerves.  At times it felt like I’d touched an electric fence as the shocks were quite noticeable!

The good news was most of the nerves  are working quite well with just one nerve being damaged.  This nerve controls the motion of a muscle in my left leg and as a result I tend to have trouble walking smoothly. I have ‘foot drop’ where my left foot tends to slap down with each step rather than rolling onto the ground.  I am told that it should rectify itself in time and exercises will help.  With that in mind I am now booked into regular sessions with a physiotherapist with a plan of exercises to help out.  I am also booked for some Pilates classes – which will be a first for me.

Social activities




We unexpectedly bumped into a school  mate of Dougall’s Harry Wynn-Pope who is working as a project manager with a construction company  at RMH.  Harry was on for a good chat.  He certainly has some height about him!

On Wednesday we had dinner with Mike and Fi Rouch, Claire and Toby and Claire’s new flatmate Lilly before going to see “The Merger” a new movie about an AFL club which is filmed in and around Wagga, it was a movie with a good message and it was fun to spot familiar faces and places.

Thursday Jan and I had a joint visit with the psychologist at the Epworth as part of he rehab programme I am undertaking there. We are unsure of any benefits at this stage!!


Jan was off to the dentist on Friday (with her uni mate Ray Montag) and we enjoyed lunch with Ray and another uni friend Louise Rehe (Bailey).  A topic of conversation was Ray’s daughter Jemima who won a gold medal  in the 20Km Walk at the recent Commonwealth Games.  She now travels the  world to compete in this sport.


We enjoyed a fantastic weekend at Point Lonsdale (at the western head of Port Phillip Bay) with good friends Nick and Sue Clark.  Nick is an avid cross word player and couldn’t resist testing us all on the weekend crosswords.  As it turned out Jan was able to offer lots of help and Sue and I quickly became passive observers.

The tide certainly turned when the boys challenged the girls at scrabble.  The outcome was not in the boys’ favour!

We managed a couple of lovely walks along the coastline, a few wines and even a gin and tonic!  All in all it was a great couple of days – thankyou to the Clarks.


Given that I am now moving to fortnightly blood tests I will most likely stretch the blog postings to fortnightly as well unless there is some medical information to pass on in the meantime.

6 thoughts on “Week 54 – Fortnightly bloods

  1. although the day was a “flat” one, the report reads well with plenty of activity keeping you busy. Hope it all continues on the positive trend


  2. Hi Geoff, Not sure about the fortnightly “MEDIBLOG”. Any chance of getting a discount ! Great to see you kicking goals not points ! David.


  3. Hi there Geoffrey, Great to hear less pills, less blood tests and Pilates! I am still yet to book into those classes but you have reminded me to do just that! Well we survived the epic walk, I told Zara I took double the steps she did!! Stunning scenery but a lot of up and down.
    Needless to say the gin bottle hits hammering that night! How are the movie reviews going? Have I missed one? Alice is rowing again, so look out for her in front of your apartment. They had to be rescued last Saturday with the ferocious weather! Keep up the great work G and J. Serena xx

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