Week 51 -Peripheral Neuropathy

It is interesting that as my treatment moves along new challenges emerge that I have to deal with.  The fall a few weeks ago was once such example.  That had shaken my confidence a little but luckily the healing has progressed well and there is no lasting complication.

Another that has been lingering for a while but has become more prominent recently is peripheral neuropathy – numbness of the feet (and fingers and hands).  This condition is quite common with cancer patients and although I have experienced the symptoms I haven’t really given it much thought.  But now that I am more conscious of how and where I walk I have noticed that my left leg does not function smoothly and both feet become numb from time to time.

There is no easy fix for periphal neuropathy other than time and there is a chance I will have to live with this condition but in the scheme of things it is probably a small price to pay.

Another challenge is the impact the steroids have had on my skin.  I have found that my skin is very thin and delicate and the slightest bump or knock will lead to damage to my skin and subsequent bleeding – which generally will not stop easily due to the low platelet count.  My shins are the most susceptible and it is amazing how often you bump your shins.  I seem to constantly have bandaids on my legs to stem the bleeding!

The blood tests for today were stable and similar to last week being:

Red Blood Cells 91, White Blood Cells 4.0 , Platelets 30, Neutrophils 2.7, Creatinine 93, Magnesium and Potassium are both back in the normal range and I can once again start to reduce these tablets.

On the weekend Jan joined some friends for a walk along the coast from  Torquay to Anglesea.  We decided to head down to Torquay on Saturday and stayed at the RACV club which was very swish.  We also caught up with George and Serena Churnside and Hamish and Amanda McFarlane for dinner on Saturday night.


Lachy and his girlfriend Hanna are now comfortably living in Bali and working from there.  Lachy has to commute to Cairns for client meetings monthly but says this FIFO job has lots of hidden benefits!

Claire is now living in Melbourne full time and still working with Shell but has transferred into their gas division.  she has suddenly taken a great interest in energy policy!





And Dougal is still living the gap year dream but is now in Europe riding motor bikes around the Swiss Alps with his good mate Oscar O’Reilly and his dad.


This week we are heading to Wagga to see some friends and family.  We have a special dinner organised to mark 12 months since my original diagnosis of Leukaemia.  Not something to celebrate but certainly surviving to this stage is something to celebrate!

One thought on “Week 51 -Peripheral Neuropathy

  1. Hi there Geoff – great to see your face healing nicely and those lovely excursions in the sunshine and sea air are so good for the mind, body and spirit!
    It’s such a long game you are in and easy for us to forget that there are ebbs and flows to your recovery – you are in our thoughts often and we appreciate your updates Geoff. Have a gorgeous weekend with family and friends. Much love to Jan, xoxox Jodie and Colesy


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