Week 48 – Blood counts doing well

The results from this week’s blood tests show that the counts are stable which is reassuring.

The results were:

Hb – 88

White Cells – 4.9

Platelets – 30 (following on from extra platelets last week)

Neutrophils – 3.3

Creatinine – 93

And my liver function is deemed to be good.

It is a funny thing but when you are a leukaemia patient the process of providing blood and waiting for the results becomes a big feature of your week.  You hope that the results are positive and nothing has moved too quickly but of course I have little or no control  over this process.

Most weeks I tend to bump into friends James and Victoria Watson at the hospital as James is also on weekly blood tests and our times seem to coincide.  James is a few months ahead of me with his treatment and his blood results are also pretty stable at present.  We generally have a good catch up on how each of us feel and the issues that we each deal with.  He is on steroids for GVHD and a cocktail of other tablets but seems to be taking this in his stride.

I am now weaning down on my steroid tablets taking just one 5mg tablet every second day.  Hopefully next week after a visit to my consultant this will be adjusted down again, although I have been informed that I may need to remain on steroids for quite some  time.

As I mentioned last week patience is the name of the game and for me it is a matter of realising that my recovery could take up to two years post transplant.  Although Jan and I are trying to integrate some ‘normal’ daily activities into our routine life is certainly not what it used to be!

Both of us have been used to keeping the diary full and ourselves busy during each day and week and now the focus is on my recovery with lots of rest and downtime.  Jan keeps on reminding me we are ‘averaging down’ the workload!

Fatigue is a significant feature of my day. I have been continuing with my rehab sessions (gym) at the Epworth Hospital which although only lasting an hour tend to leave me tired and sometimes exhausted.

I generally have a rest of up to two hours most afternoons and then read or listen to the radio for the rest of the afternoon to recharge.  Although at times frustrating I have found this time very important for recovery.


We had a great visit from my cousin Andrew Hamilton and his wife Fiona last week.  They were down in Melbourne for a Trade Fair – where Fee is selling plastic wine glasses as part of her new business.  They had also been celebrating Fee’s 50th birthday with a special visit to Daylesford for a few days.


We were lucky enough to see the Brandenburg orchestra on Saturday night.  And on Sunday we made a special trip out to the You Yangs for a lovely hike.  The weather was ideal  and we enjoyed a small excursion out of town.

On Monday we spent some time sitting in on the Banking Royal Commission.  It certainly was interesting to sit in the court room and hear how the QCs take on the banking executives!

More next week!

2 thoughts on “Week 48 – Blood counts doing well

  1. You and Jan are very resilient at the same time very methodical. Thinking of you and see you again in Wagga. cheers Shaun and Susan Duffy


  2. Hi Geoff
    I haven’t posted in a while but nice to hear the results are going in the right direction.
    We follow you every week and our thoughts are with you
    Cheers Cathy and chris


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