Week 39 – Blood tests stable

Friday’s blood tests were very stable as below:

HB 100,  Wcc 7.6, Platelets 55, Neutrophils, 6.1 and Creatinine 90.  No extra products were needed which was a relief.

The doctors have adjusted my steroid weaning slightly keeping me on 40mg/day for the first two weeks before starting weaning.  Hopefully this will not upset the CMV but only time will tell.

Over the weekend we managed some shopping and also caught up with a family and friends.

IMG_2762Claire headed back to Perth with friend Toby for WA’s long weekend.


My brother Tony (the one with the strong immune system) called in for breakfast on Saturday morning.  He was en route from board meetings in Adelaide to Canberra and stayed overnight in Melbourne.






We had morning tea with Julia Ham, Karen and Kate Daniel, Annette Burbidge and Maria Anderson all from Tumbarumba.  The Girls were in town for the Carole King musical and had planned a night at Brown Brothers at Milawa on their way home!


On Sunday we made another trip out to the Point Cook aviation museum to catch up with Jan’s brother Andrew and nephew Ned.  After that we found a park to play with Maggie and Jack who has been visiting the Werribee zoo with Heather and Heather’s Dad, Geoff and partner Anne.

I’m back to hospital Tuesday for more blood tests so will keep you abreast of any significant changes.


2 thoughts on “Week 39 – Blood tests stable

  1. Sounds like a finely balanced act getting the drugs right.
    Good hear you are getting out and about.
    Keep up the good progress.


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