Week 35 – lost appetite

It is a strange thing but after quite a few weeks of eating well I have now totally lost my appetite again.  It takes me back to the first few weeks post transplant.  One of my hospital ‘buddies’ told me that appetite is linked to the level of steroids and as you are weaned off the steroids you lose your appetite.  It seems to be the case but I am hoping it won’t last very long – perhaps a few more weeks until I finish up on the cyclosporin.

Last Wednesday I had my 100 day review with one of the lead consultants.  The news was mostly positive but a little anti-climactic.  There had been some discussion I might be well enough to move to monthly reviews but this is not the case.  The review of the 100 day tests showed everything was OK and nothing stood out as being of great concern.

However the medical team have identified that my marrow is ‘flat’ which means it is not functioning in the normal fashion to produce the range of blood cells required.  Apparently this is not unusual and is a direct result of the valgancyclovir that I was taking for several weeks – it is a potent drug that adversely affects your marrow!

So for the time being I will be making weekly visits for blood tests and check-ups.

I have also been weaning myself off the sleeping tablet – zopiclone (unsuccessfully) which I have been on since January.  Jan is worried I will become addicted!  I am down to half a tablet every second night, but last night’s sleep without this help was terrible – maybe I am addicted.

A novel nose clamp to stop the bleeding.

Over the weekend I developed a nose bleed that took 4 hours to resolve – making me think my platelets are dangerously low preventing clotting.










3fb490cc-bda4-4604-be83-d01156061e96On Saturday I had a day long visit from my good friend Steve Duncan from Sydney who is an avid fly fisherman.  Steve showed me how to tie flies (with some help from YouTube) and then took me to the local park for some casting lessons.  We enjoyed a nice lunch in town and shopped for a few more necessities.


Today we had a special excursion north of Ballarat to see the Lambley nursery and garden near Clunes,   it was a wonderful day out.


On Sunday we watched Lachy play a game of indoor soccer – fast and furious!
Peter Clucas at the Sydney Swans proudly wearing the last beanie I knitted.






3 thoughts on “Week 35 – lost appetite

  1. Good to hear that your recovery is still on track.

    Have you considered patenting the nose clamp? Not sure I’ve seen the hair clasp used in that way before.

    Keep up the blogging …. I look forward to your updates.

    Please pass my love to your family

    Amanda xx


  2. Lots of love to you all – we are sure that Splurge’s bone marrow will live up to it’s name!! XO from Geoff and Hoody


  3. Hi Geoffrey
    Best medical help available will sort out those temporary problems. We know you did not have that nose clamp in your sponge bag for hair on a windy day…or any day for that matter.
    Nice to see Pete Clucas put the beanie to good use

    Cheers and hope all keeps looking up


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