Week 30 – Monday April 2 – Easter Catchups

I am feeling like I am building up strength and my health is slowly slowly returning to some form of ‘normality’.  It is a slow process but as each day goes by I am grateful of any small improvement in my health. I seem to be able to eat a little more each day with my appetite returning slowly and it is not problem to make the 40 minute walk to the hospital.

Last week’s visit to hospital on Thursday ended up being a bigger day than I thought.  We arrived at around 11.00 but didn’t depart until about 4.30pm mainly due to the fact that I needed two units of blood and a bag of platelets.  My counts were just at the cut off level for both and with the Easter long weekend coming  up the medical team decided it was best to make the top up that day.  It takes about an hour for each unit of blood but they  check your blood type first before ordering products with can take 1.5hrs.  I also had the PICC dressing changed which takes half an hour or so.

So by the time all that happened most of the day had gone – just another day in hospital getting the important treatment that I require to maintain my recovery program.

Another unit of blood to keep me going!

Visits and excursions

My cousin Scott from America and his finance Katie visited Australia for Easter and we had a great catch up after 4 or 5 years.
Dinner out with the family celebrating Claire’s 27th Birthday before Dougall headed back to the USA for university. He has six weeks to go before graduation.
Good friend Dick Tallis dropped in one evening for a quick beer!
John Preddy and Ruth Bailey made the trip to Melbourne for a good catch up. We did two dinners and a movie and spent a lot of time together over the weekend.




We drove down to the Mornington Peninsula with Ruth and John to catch up with ex Wagga people the Gary and Kerry Cooper who run a beautiful equestrian complex with son Andrew at Balnarring.


Claire loves cooking so Sunday night was a feast!


We managed a great bike ride down to St Kilda for fish and chips on Monday.


It is off to hospital on Tuesday for another checkup and perhaps extra blood and platelets subject to the results from the blood tests.


4 thoughts on “Week 30 – Monday April 2 – Easter Catchups

  1. Geoff, Get the needles out of the box again. I have just read the latest copy of the Royal News .Great pictures of you and the 7B “Garden” . Jans design? David S.


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