Week 24 – Saturday 24th – back in hospital

It has been a busy week one way or another with a few interesting things happening.

I had my usual visits as an out patient to Peter Mac on Monday and Thursday (cut back to two visits a week now not three).

Monday was a good news day and apart from the normal blood tests and IV fluids I received some good news regarding my Chimerism level.  My level has been assessed at 100% for both Red and White blood cells which the doctors say is a good result – most people come in at around 70-80% with their first chimerism test.    As you could imagine I was very happy with this news.

Chimerism: The state in which donor cells have durably engrafted in the recipient. Full donor chimerism implies that 100% of bone marrow and blood cells are of donor origin, while mixed or partial chimerism means that recipient cells are also present.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night my temperatures increased significantly and at one stage went over the magic 38  mark.  This is when you are supposed to present back to Emergency to be re-admitted.

I let this run for a few nights but in speaking to the medical team on my Thursday visit they were adamant that at 38 degrees I must come in.

Thursday’s visit was a long one – lasting more than 8 hours.  I had to have a blood transfusion (which can be every week or so) and then a change of the PICC dressing.

On Thursday night I went to bed early with temps climbing but didn’t sleep well and was awake at 1.30am and decided to check the temperatures which showed up at 38.2 – so we made the decision to head into Emergency.

Not impressed – back in hospital.

This process took some time and the doctors put me on IV anti-biotics and took more blood for culturing to see what bugs they can grow.  I was moved from ED to another ward for most of Friday and then up to Ward 7B on Friday afternoon – they like to have all leukemia patients on this Ward if possible as the haematology procedures are very specific.

Hopefully the stay will be fairly short just a day or two but this will depend on my temperatures.  On Friday night everything seemed to be OK with a max temp of 37.7 so no need for extra bloods (a septic work up at they call it).

I feel like a bit of a fraud as I feel completely well and apart from some diarrhoea and abdominal cramps from time to time things seem fairly normal.

We had a bike excursion over to East Melbourne on Tuesday for tea and chocolate cake with Mandy McMahon to hear what they have been up to at Brambletye ( the farm across the river from us in Tassie) where they are undertaking an extensive redevelopment of the property.

Our nephew Oscar called in for a catch up on Tuesday afternoon for herbal tea and fresh nectarines. He is heading into his second year at Melbourne Uni and has done a couple of summer subjects to get ahead of the pack. It was great to hear of his plans.

IMG_0932Annette Sackett dropped in for a visit on Wednesday.  She was on her way down to Tasmania for a conference and a small break.  She brought me a home made lavender bag to put in my pillow to help me sleep. We had a good catch up on her new house plans which seem fantastic.


Lachy took Sparky for her first office day during the week!
This time in 7B I’ve been allocated Room 32 the disabled suite with a flying fox to get to the oversized toilet.

5 thoughts on “Week 24 – Saturday 24th – back in hospital

  1. Hey Geoffrey, you really have an incredible life in and out of hospital. We ‘re happy to read all the good news parts, every time the cells are going in the right direction. ..
    Today we had an Ozzie visitor in our local bookshop. Andy Griffith, author of the Treehouse books for children. Your age and from Melbourne, so I asked this silly question : do you perhaps know Geoffrey Hamilton, one of the seven million people in Melbourne?It’s a small world after all. But he didn’t.
    A fun person, great sense of humor, His books are very popular here.
    Anyway, we keep wishing all the best for you!
    Hug from Belgium,


  2. Aaahhhhh – I knew you would be back flying sooner than you thought! Not really high enough…no need for pressurisation.

    Hope you are getting over the infections…

    Cheers for now



  3. You might have swapped bone marrow but you still have your sense of humour 🙂
    Can we have a video of you using the flying fox please??.
    Overall you are doing the most amazing job and no wonder your temperature is up – Ask Jan – ‘You are hot’ !!
    Big hugs
    Kate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  4. Onward and upward Geoff 👍

    Just a little hiccup in your recovery and sounds like all getting back on track!

    We had a little miracle on 4 February, a beautiful Mackenzie Margaret Harley, daughter to our Claire and Chopper. Ain’t life grand xx

    Sending love to you and Jan


  5. 😂 Dr Sparky !
    By now you will hopefully be back at home, feeling better and getting some sleep.
    Annette Sackett looks fabulous as do you Geoff, one would never know you had a bone marrow transplant just last month!
    Keep up the good stats. Love from Wagga Wagga xx


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