Week 15 Mon – Tues 13th Dec. Plenty to do

From a medical point of view the last few days have been great.  As per my last blog I have been feeling well and don’t even see my self as being ‘sick’.  I have not had any tests or hospital appointments so can’t report in there.

But I have made use of the time in Melbourne to catchup with a few friends and do a few more things.

Cat Nichols stayed with us on Monday night.

On Monday Catriona Nichols made a visit (and stayed over).  Cat is a communications specialist working as a freelance consultant in the Ag sector.  I first met Cat during my Kondinin Group days back in the 1990s.  We have kept in touch ever since and as Cat and husband Ian are Tasmanian residents they would be partly responsible for our recent move to that state.

Cat Nichols stayed with us on Monday night.

Kirsty manages a 130 place centre



On Tuesday we drove up to Bendigo to catch up with one of our past Managers, from our childcare days – Kirsty Jensen.  Kirsty is now managing a huge 130 place centre for another friend of ours Matt Kibble (who in fact built a number of centres for us when we were developing for ABC Learning, and also our Freshwater Apartment complex in Kununurra).  Kirsty is a great manager and seems to be coping well with all the stress!


Helen and Allen with our niece Maggie attending the wool sale.

On Wednesday I had an exciting day with Jan’s parents, Allen and Helen,  we visited the wool stores to check out their wool sale.  The wool industry is booming at the moment (after many years of being in the doldrums) and today’s sale was at record prices for the Sheridan’s – they were certainly very happy farmers!



I also caught up briefly with Peter Lang, of Hawker Pacific.  Peter has been a great friend and colleague from the Aviation Sector and was in Melbourne for business so dropped down to Docklands for a quick chat.  We talked all things Aviation for an hour or so –  it certainly is something that I am missing at the moment.

The wool auction video below is a strange sight.  A bunch of men yelling prices out with lots being sold in less than a minute makes for an exiting spectacle!




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