Week 12 – Mon/Tuesday – Back for blood

Monday involved a quiet day at home as Jan was still away for her GGS business and my parents had headed back to Cootamundra on the XPT train.  However I had the morning on the phone with a Proway board meeting – luckily things are going well with that company.  The buoyancy of agriculture at the moment has translated into a very busy time for Proway.

On Monday evening we headed off to the ABC studios in Southbank to attend Q & A in the audience.  We have always wanted to attend a live audience and Jan’s uncle, David, had said he was going so we got online and booked a place.  The whole evening was very interesting – not to mention the 7 TV cameras and multiple crew keeping the program running smoothly.  Tony Jones had his work cut out keeping Jacqui Lambie on track for the evening!  Jan was shortlisted by the producers to ask a question but unfortunately they ran out of time  before she had her chance to shine on TV!

Tuesday was pretty much a full day at Peter Mac and RMH, starting with a blood transfusion (over 3 hours) as my red blood cells had dropped below the critical 80 mark.  Matt and Robyn Kibble also dropped in for a quick lunch at Peter Mac. The central atrium of the Peter Mac building was filled with the beautiful music of a string trio over lunch. After lunch it was over to RMH to get a top up of Ambisome.

At the end of the day we got a lovely surprise visit from Edwina Colvin from Tassie.  Edwina was in Melbourne to catch up with friends and managed to pass on a few stories of Tassie, including her time spent walking our lovely little corgi – Sparky.  Sparky has been staying with Knox and Cate Heggaton in Perth (near Launceston) but when they have been away Edwina has been dropping in to take her for a walk – certainly way beyond the call of duty for any friend.


Beanie Auction

I have already received a number of excellent bids for the beanie in the range of $100-$200.  What I can say is the leading bidder is somewhat higher than that so please dig deep and place a bid!  You have until Sunday night to snap up this masterpiece.

All proceeds go to the Ward 7B at RMH.

Please remember if you registered to enter the auction last week you are committed to donating your $10 to RMH, even if you don’t win the auction.  If you want to join the bidding this week you are up for $15 registration.  Every donation counts!

Donation details are on this link – :


Choose Cancer Services as the Gift Preference .

Then email your name, address, donation amount and a note that your contribution is for Ward 7B to Sandie Baskin- the lady in the red jacket with the gold jewellery, RMH fundraising and bequest coordinator!! (sandie.baskin@mh.org.au ).

Sandie will track the contributions ensuring they go to Ward 7B  and send out a receipt  for tax purposes.


The new beanie – ready for auction. Time to bid!





4 thoughts on “Week 12 – Mon/Tuesday – Back for blood

  1. So funny! This might become the most expensive beany in the world. I have never heard this word before and now it comes with such an amazing story!
    We have been following everything through the blog! Big hug from Belgium, Nadine and family x


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