Week 10 – Friday – Sunday – The beanie is ready to go!

I can’t provide you with information on my blood counts as the doctors have scaled back the measurement to just every second or third day.  They are obviously happy with how things are trending – and I can only assume upwards!

HITH have been making their usual visits to keep the IV Ambisome on track.  They usually turn up in the middle of the day but I now have them ‘trained’ to let me know early on what time I can expect them.  This helps a lot if we want to go out for a walk or bike ride, meaning I don’t have to hang around all morning waiting for their call.

As with the previous few days things are moving along well.  No pain, headaches, shortness of breath etc.  From time to time I have felt a little nausea following meals so I have added an antiemetic tablet to the routine.  This seems to have helped the situation. But on the flipside I have now finished the course of special drugs from the USA – Midostaurin.

I have now finished the special USA drug Midostaurin after a two week stint – yipee!

I achieved a first on Friday with cup of coffee with an old friend from the childcare days – John Collins.  This was the first cup of coffee for almost 3 months.

My first cup of coffee for almost 3 months with John Collins

We managed to get out and hire a small 100hp runabout boat on Friday to motor up the Yarra river.  Given that the temperatures had now warmed up in Melbourne (25 now) this was a pleasant evening.   As we putted up the river through the city it was obvious that everyone else was enjoying the warmer weather – the riverside bars and pubs were bursting with activity.

We hired a small boat for a trip down the Yarra on Friday. We’ve decided to see our extended stay in Melbourne as a holiday rather than a medical appointment!

Saturday and Sunday involved some great bike rides around the city – over to the Botanic Gardens and along the Yarra River.

We enjoyed a big breakfast with Fe and Andrew Tucker from Wagga on Sunday morning.  The Tuckers were down for the races with some Wagga Friends on Saturday.  Their son Henry is great mates with our Dougall.

Sunday afternoon’s bike ride was with the Rouches – new Melbourne residents originally  from Wagga.  We toured the  Yarra west of Docklands along Lorimer Street.  And as another first since being ill I managed to down a light beer at the end of the day – such a delight!

Beanie Auction

The second beanie has been finished for a few days now and it is time to test the crowds.  Plenty of people had requested a beanie after my first attempt (which has been very handy with the cold Melb weather early in the month).

Rather than a straight auction I am opting for a “RaffAuction”. All proceeds with go to Ward 7B at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The new beanie – ready for auction. Send your expressions of interest in to participate – $10 donation for each expression.

How does this work?

Simple – anyone who has an interest in being involved must put up $10.00 as an “expression of interest”.  This is non-refundable and will go to the Hospital fund.

Then everyone who has passed this hurdle may enter a ‘silent Auction’ where bids may or may not be seen by others.

You can bid by comment on the blog, private email from the blog or directly, by phone or by text.

The highest bidder will get the beanie with proceeds going to the Hospital.

The “RaffAuction” will run over two weeks with the first week just for expressions of interest.

The second week will see the Auction take place.

I look forward to your participation.  Let me know if you are in!  Payment details will follow with the next blog.

4 thoughts on “Week 10 – Friday – Sunday – The beanie is ready to go!

  1. If this is the start of week one, I’m in.
    Even though it is not black and white, I will deposit my 10 as soon as details are available.
    Well done!
    very pleased to hear you are feeling so well.
    Barleys off, cotton growing, starting wheat today. Looking better than expected.
    Harvest team have just headed out.


  2. Geoff, I initially thought the beanie auction was a great idea but looking at wool prices as discussed in The Age today perhaps stripping it back to fine wool may be a better option! 1681 cents per kilo! If the auction does take place please give me a number. David.


  3. Count us in for the $10 start Geoff.
    Thanks for sharing your time with us Sunday breakkie.
    Both a breath of fresh air, keep up the riding it’s obviously injecting new life through your veins.

    Love to you and the beautiful Jan x


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