Week 5 – Sat, Sun & Mon – Going with the flow

The weekend has been quite relaxing with the exception of Sunday night. With the ability to go home at night time I have found that I have been much more relaxed.  It is difficult to get a good sleep in hospital but at home it is much easier to sleep.  On both Friday and Sat night I was able to sleep for about 7 hours – without a sleeping tablet – so that is good news. I am still having periods of night sweats but without high body temperatures – a sign that my immune system is fighting the lung infection.

My blood tests are showing great results at present with the Red cells around 114, White around 14, Platelets around 500 and Neutrophils around 10.

My blood counts over the weekend were pretty good.

Sunday night threw me a curved ball.  At 8.30pm I developed a significant pain in my lower chest (lining), which was obviously related to my lung infection.  Taking Panadol did not make much of an impact on the pain so by 9.30pm (after Doctor Blake’s Mystery Murders) we headed back into Hospital.  Within 30 mins I had been administered Endone – a strong pain relief tablet.  This made a huge difference and also helped with sleep – I managed a good sleep over night, with additional Endone in the early morning.

I was lucky to have a few visitors over the weekend including Suz Shearer from Echuca.  Suz used to run training programs with me back in the Training Improvements days and we’ve kept in touch every since.  She and her husband Brad run Coolibah Turf – a massive turf farm with 25 staff and 7 refrigerated trucks.  They supply turf to Bunnings in Victoria.  Suz is full of life and one of those doers you meet in life who just gets things done.

Suz with the plant she planned to give me but left at home!

The other visitors were Matt and Robyn Kibble.  Matt’s dad is in RMH with a number of medical conditions but at 81 he probably has an excuse.  Matt built a number of the childcare centres for us in Victoria during the ABC development days and then moved up to Kununurra to build our apartments at Freshwater.  He is still building childcare centres in Victoria – seems like the demand is never ending.

Matt and Robyn take a mean selfie!

So with home leave over the weekend I have only been required back in hospital for a few hours during the middle of the day for the IV drugs.  And from today back in Ward 7B full time until they get on top of the chest pain, which might be a day or so before I am released home full time for a week with ‘hospital at home’ care to administer the IV drugs once a day primarily to get the lung infection under control.  That should be nice.  However I am realistic and timeframes and the situation seem to change almost daily so I will go with the flow.

As with my last stint at home I’ll write a blog every few days as there is not a lot happening on the medical front.

8 thoughts on “Week 5 – Sat, Sun & Mon – Going with the flow

  1. Great News Geoff!!
    On the blood counts.

    A big Well done to Suz for the visit. Shame she left the plant behind, I recon Suz will have someone at home that can look after “a plant” until she is down next.


    1. Hi Big Roge and Geoff!!!
      Loved catching up Geoff and Jan! Was glad to retrieve kids from the park in one piece!!!
      Now – just to clarify on the plant – I actually had it with me but had left it in the car because of the “no green space” rule in Ward 7B! So it came hone with me again! Will drop it off at your apartment next week! Love and prayers for a good week GH. X


  2. I do realise that it is not a game, but it is a bit like Snakes and Ladders with all the ups and downs! Nothing like resilience to keep you going, and the persistence you have always had! Love Mum


  3. Hi Geoff
    Just want you to know that we and all the others in the valley l’m sure, are reading your posts and just love your attitude and are in awe at your approach to life. What a legend. Such a role model. Love and cheers. Tim and Maryann


  4. Its so nice to hear that people you have known for many years still keep in touch. Im sure being surrounded and visited by good people helps going with the flow run a bit smoother. Seems like patience and flexibility are key right now. Thinking of you Geoff. Thanks for the blog – we like to read where you are up to!


  5. Hi Jan and Geoff, Piling on with everyone else and sending positive thoughts and energy your way! Your blog and positive outlook in the face of such a challenge is very inspiring. Stay tenacious and resilient. Cheers. xx


  6. G’day Geoff

    The onset of the pain on Sunday night must have been daunting and a worry but glad it has been identified and treated.

    Great also to have some visitors – although it is unlikely we will get to Melbourne in the near future.

    Spent the day on the mill project and once we’re producing you will receive some lupin flour, kibble, crumb and toasted flake to help build you up – nearly 49% protein and gluten free. Makes great pasta.

    We received some 20 mm of rain yesterday and overnight – what a difference it has made although has soaked straight in. Driving to an from Jindera today the crops looked really good – but I know they are poor to the north and west of Wagga.

    Taking “Tyllie” to Deniliquin tomorrow for two new main tyres (will paint the hubs while they’re off) and a small job on the fuel manifold. A very nice day is forecast so I am looking forward to a great flight.

    Sleep well and take care.



  7. All good news Geoff and isn’t it nice to have a new series of Dr Blake?

    Have you tried sleeping with earbuds running some gentle music or Richard Fidler interviews? Helps to block out the world and hospital goings on. I very much enjoy the Fidler podcasts although some of them are a bit too interesting and get the brain going, may need a couple of boring ones to put you to sleep. 🙂

    Keep going buddy
    My love to you all xx


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