Thursday Week 5 – Back in Ward 7B

You will have noticed I have gone for a new numbering system for the days as I have literally lost count of the days but the weeks are strong in my mind.  I hope you can follow.

Having spent the night in the old section of the hospital, in Ward 5N, it was almost a relief to return ‘home’ to Ward 7B – the nice new ward where I spent the first month of my treatment.   This happened by about 2pm  this afternoon.  There were many more familiar faces and certainly the staff know the Haematology procedures better than the 5N staff. (Incidentally Ward 5N was the original haematology ward before the new one was built!).

I have ended up in the room immediately next to the original room I occupied during my first stint of Chemo, and the view out the window is much the same apart from the addition of a large pillar right hand end of the window!

As I now know things can change each day, today’s news is that the resolution of the lung infection is going to take priority over the Chemo consolidation phase.  So in a nutshell this is going to add another 4-5 days of treatment to the plan advised yesterday.  In the scheme of things not really relevant but still a little disconcerting as I had planned only 5-6 days in hospital this time around – it has now turned into 10 days.

Luckily I had just received a text message from a young man who went through a similar treatment last year – Christian Lealiifano – the ex Wallaby back.  This came about through David Thomson’s daughter Gemma and her Brumbies boy friend James Dargaville, who thought a message from a Leukemia survivor might cheer me up.  His key points were the ups and downs of the treatment process.  One day you are going well and the next you might get some bad news that you have to deal with. Many thanks to Christian, his contact meant a lot to me and thanks also for the Thommos for arranging it.

So today has been another day of waiting around for drugs and trying to rest up, but as you will remember it is not that easy to rest when in hospital,  funnily enough.

And a surprise parcel arrived from friends Leigh and Andrew Williams which brightened up the day, many thanks!

Nothing like getting a surprise present in hospital!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Week 5 – Back in Ward 7B

  1. Hi Geoff,
    I have been thinking of you lots and have booked in for one of my regular blood donations next week. That’s one way to lose weight! I had thought a spell in hospital with three square meals and TV all day would have some appeal, but you have taken that to more extreme. Good to see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You might like to explain “Moral Panic 101” sometime. Please give my regards to Tony when you see him.
    Kind regards,
    James R.


  2. PP Geoff, no excuse but Norma and I have spent just under 3 months O/S, but have been back for a month now. Which means it has only taken me that long to work out blogging.
    We are both heartened by your progress and the positive vibes you and Jan continue to radiate.
    Your Aero Club boys have done a great job in keeping us computer illiterate Wollundry members informed.
    Norma and I look forward to following your blogs, and wish you every best wish in this “Blue” you have got on at the moment.
    Yours in Rotary
    J Gray


  3. A very wise decision to advise the doctor of your sore shoulder Geoff so they can get onto the treatment for the infection early. We want you in tip top condition when you begin the bone marrow treatment. I don’t know Christian personally but I have admired his even temperament and being a Brumby how can he not be a nice chap. To see him back on the field so quickly after his leukaemia presented itself has been truly inspirational to all and will reinforce the great positivity that you have shown us all. Cheers for now. CROZ


  4. I saw Lealiifano play in his return game for the Brumbies earlier this year. Anyone who can run around in shorts on a Canberra winter night must be fit and healthy. He stands as good inspiration for you, but don’t expect a Brumbies contract anytime soon.


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