Week 31 – 100 days!

It has been a long time coming but today I have reached 100 days post transplant.  The medical team see this as an important milestone – a date to plan the next phase of treatment.  Almost all Leukemia patients talk about the 100 days post transplant – it is part of the lingo!

I must admit in the early stages of my recovery post transplant I was in doubt if this day would ever come along – time seemed to move so slowly!  But my mantra of ‘one day at a time’ has paid off and here I am!

The medical team have come up with a new plan over the next 6-7 weeks that should see me return to a ‘more normal state’.

By this I mean regaining my appetite, less nausea, regaining more energy and feeling a little more ‘normal’.  At present I am still lacking energy and will often rest for a few hours in the afternoon.  A current day can involve a walk in the morning (sometimes to the hospital for blood tests) of about 45 minutes, then breakfast, then reading or working on a project (current one is a jig-saw puzzle), lunch, a long rest, more reading, a short walk and then dinner and TV.  The Commonwealth Games have been a great way to pass some time.

At times I wonder how Jan manages to cope with the slow days and lack of activity.  We talk about this from time to time and she tells me that her role now is to help me return to health.  It is good to have her by my side as it would be a lonely trip if you had to go through this by yourself. I am a lucky man!

The 100 days is also a trigger for a range of tests that I will have next week – including a dental check, lung function test, fasting blood tests and the all important Bone Marrow Biopsy to check for residual leukemia.  This will be my 4th biopsy since diagnosis.

My new plan will unfold weekly and involves me being weaned off many of the drugs. Eventually I will only be needing two or three different drugs – yipee.  Such a change from 44 tablets a day!

Today I have reduced the steroid intake from  20mg to 10mg and dropped the Valganciclovir – which has to date had a big impact on my blood counts, especially the neutrophils.  Hopefully they will start to return to normal now.

It is a scary thought planning ahead 7 weeks and thinking what life might be like under a more ‘normal’ scenario, however I get ahead of myself!

For the time being it is back to ‘one day at at time’.

My daily routine normally includes a walk in the morning,



14 thoughts on “Week 31 – 100 days!

  1. Dear Geoff, it’s so good to see you looking so well and looking forward in chunks of time rather than days. As we watched Steve’s Mum lose her battle with cancer , chunks of time for her equated to perhaps a day or two at most. I’m sure it’s been an adjustment you’d never dreamt you’d have to make together but I for one am grateful that you’ve had each other to lean on.
    Love to you both, Lisa


  2. You and Jan are both inspirational. You are doing so well and the return to a more normal life is in sight. Celebrate the successes .


  3. Dearest Geoff and Jan
    Wow 100 days. That is a significant milestone. Congratulations.
    Here’s to the next 100 xxx
    Kate and Stewart


  4. Geoff and Jan. Wonderful to see progress and 100 days is always a celebration of much endured and so much to start looking ahead to . Much love annette x


  5. Hi Geoff – your mantras and routines have always seemed to provide such a solid base for general awesome-ness – not surprised they (and you) are still going strong! Also no surprise that Jan is doing ‘a Jan’ and living this with grace, dignity and good humour – so lucky you have each other.
    100 days – excellent milestone to mark off.
    Love to you all,
    Jode and Colesy x


  6. Congats on the big 100 days we always knew you would get there.
    Fingers crossed you will be back in Tassie soon


  7. Great to see you reach this milestone. Let’s all look forward to the next 200 days. Best wishes to you and Jan.
    From a freezing Falls Creek.


  8. Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!!! Congratulations to you both, what a couple. Always great together, especially over the last seven months. Keep on hanging in there. With much love from Mum and Dad.


  9. Inspirational once again. You look less stressed than when I was Rotary treasurer
    Keep up the hard work and good news will follow


  10. Such excellent news – keep up the good work you two!
    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, much appreciated..
    With lots of love
    Geoff and Hoody xo


  11. Cheers Geoff…you are looking a lot better and do I see a little more hair?

    One day at a time and then its home to Tassie in June as the goal.

    Our Michael McCormack is Acting PM today! A long way from the Editor at the DA! Have also upset him by supporting the idea of running a candidate here in his seat if he doesn’t deliver all those promises re aviation. Dick Smith has been stirring him up – Dick is going to be guest speaker at Wollundry Rotary next Tuesday. Should be interesting.

    Keep up the good progress


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