Week 19 – Monday/Tuesday 9th January

The last two days have been another waiting game.

My neutrophils have finally dropped to 0.0 which is a good sign in terms of my final recovery.  I expect to sit on 0.0 for at least 10 days – maybe more. During this time I’m out of bounds for visitors, other than family, due to the risk of infection.

The slow train wreck is not far off.  My mouth has started to get a lot sorer with some ulcers forming.  Eating is still OK but a little painful.

Finally the neutrophils have hit 0.0 .

Diarrhoea has finally come home to roost which is entirely expected and unfortunately part of the process.  It could last for a week or more!  Not pleasant but just another thing to push through (so to speak!).  The medical team take samples from each episode to analyse for infections.

The Doctors have told me that I will develop high temperatures (with blood cultures required to analyse this) and I will be treated with antibiotics as a precaution for infections.  It is slightly unfortunate that the young registrar, Steve, passes on this information with a grin and slight laugh.  I am sure he has seen it all before but I might have to have a little chat on ‘bedside empathy’.  I’d rather someone pass on this information in a more caring way!

I have set myself a regular exercise regime with 4 lots of a minimum of 20 minutes on the treadmill or the bike throughout the day.  This has been going well as I often get going early and knock out 40 minutes on my first session just to stay ahead of the game.  I can give myself a tick if I achieve the target of 80 mins for the day and a double tick if I have ‘over achieved’ which I have done for the past few days with around 112 minutes in total ( see the right hand column of the board in the picture above).

Unfortunately during this morning’s session the Treadmill gave up the ghost with a puff of smoke and a nice electrical smell!  I have been assured that the electrical team have been advised and they will put the request through their Triage system to prioitise the treadmill repair. Knowing hospital time it will be out of action for quite a while so I’ll have to move over to hot laps of the Ward and time on the stationary bike.

The treadmill and I have a long history!

My daily routine is plodding along well so far, with lots of family visits and playing cards as part of the passing of time.  We are getting quite good at 500!

For me it is simply one day at a time!  No great future plans, no dwelling on the past just focusing on the moment as each and everyone ticks by!

Lovely support from my family with 500 being the card game of choice

5 thoughts on “Week 19 – Monday/Tuesday 9th January

  1. Two ticks for sure. Still worried about your mental health with time still being allocated to knitting WTF Geoffrey ! I think we need to get Dougs and Lochy to get a flight simulator up there ASAP.


  2. So far so good, although the whole idea of someone examining what comes out of one’s rear end is not a thought I cherish – but minuscule in the overall scheme of things.

    Suggest you up the ante with the family and learn Bridge. An ideal time to make the transition and it will set everyone up for a life time of enjoyment. 500 feels like a nothing game after you’ve converted.

    I like Cluc’s idea of FS – the aero club has recently acquired a pretty good set up which can do all sorts of instrument approaches and has Australian scenery including Wagga. It’s too sensitive for me – hopeless at flying it. Microsoft Flight Simulator on your lap top might work OK.

    Our fight with WWCC over landing and parking charges continues – has got to the ridiculous and personal stage now. But we will fight on.

    Peter Williams from Launceston visited for Christmas and we caught up which was great. He is really quite good, although has a few memory issues when he gets tired. He will ring you at some stage. I’ve suggested he text you first to see when convenient.

    Cheers for now



  3. So let me get this straight. You’re continuing to “over achieve” on the treadmill to the point where you have broken the thing. Doesn’t surprise me.
    You’re positive state of mind in this time of adversity is a lesson for us all Geoff.
    PS – is the 500 very competitive?


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